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Service and maintenance work is a driver of growth for many businesses. With Prodin’s ERP system, you can stand out from the rest with smart scheduling and efficient service processes. Use our flexible software to create your own checks, provide technicians and customers with clear information and reduce operations in the customer portal.

Service and maintenance are essential to anyone who provides a quality product. Can you handle these aspects within your ERP software, including planning and service contracts? Prodin ERP software gives you flexible planning functionality for maintenance and service. On top of that, it gives you repair and RMA functionality. The ERP system also comes standard with technician and maintenance scheduling.

ERP for service and maintenance companies

The mobile solution for service technicians uses tools like flexible check lists to ensure that your service technicians can perform their work flawlessly and efficiently. The application is rapidly growing in popularity, as is the Prodin customer portal. This lets you give your customers access to the status of an operation and actively share information with them. Are service and maintenance an essential part of your work? Would you like to use this functionality? Then opt for the mobile solution, featuring seamless integration with the Prodin ERP back-office. You can use the tasks and functionality it offers to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition.



Installed base

  • Collection of registered service objects (serial numbers)
    • Delivered or produced by you
    • Third party objects
  • Recording and maintaining fully ‘as built’ and ‘as maintained’ structure
  • Installed base as a basis for:
    • Service contracts
    • Maintenance planning
    • History
    • Check lists
    • Warranty structure

Service contracts

  • Recording of service provision
    • Type of maintenance (preventative, corrective, subscription etc.)
    • Maintenance interval
    • Linked objects
    • Invoicing methods
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Umbrella contract at different locations with specific conditions
  • Monitoring maintenance

Service notifications

  • Direct call take from client
  • Relevant information immediately available
    • History object
    • Ongoing contracts
    • Warranty
    • Historical notifications
    • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Recording serial number, error code, description and status
  • Diagnosis, calculation and quotation
  • Monitoring based on status
  • Fast and efficient handling of notification
  • Mail notification
  • Hour registration

Repairs & RMA

  • Repair-handling
    • Fast and efficient handling of repairs from one screen
    • Warranty structure
    • Calculation and quotation
    • Monitoring based on status
    • Hour registration with start/stop button
  • RMA-handling
    • Optimal organisation of returns
    • One or more products

Sales with services

  • Including system, installation or IBS (commissioning) in sales order
  • Planning, insight into progress and registration using the dashboard

Service orders

  • Base for planning, implementing and registering of hours and materials
  • Service slip including
    • Planning
    • Work address
    • Work to be conducted
    • Contact person

Configurable check lists

  • Freely definable
  • Linked to object type
  • Applicable to documents and reports
  • Version management
  • Also available in digital handling (Mobile Field Service)

Technicians and maintenance planning

  • Planning preventive maintenance, service notifications (call take) and other services
  • Graphic technician planning
    • Automatic display of technician(s) characteristics
    • Planning of multiple technicians on an order
    • Repetitive assignments
  • Easy adjustment of planning by dragging service order


  • Planning, insight into progress and registration using the dashboard
  • Checking and correction of workslip
  • Fast and easy invoicing
  • Insight into (financial) performance using dashboards

Mobile & chains: Mobile Field Service

  • Mobile solution for your field staff
    • Technician has current insight into agenda
    • Online or offline work
    • Digital workslips
    • Digital registration of hours and materials
    • Digital check lists per object
    • Digital signature workslip by client
    • Mail digital workslip and check lists to client
  • Easy and efficient handling by back office

Mobile & chains: Customer portal

  • 24/7 accessible via the web for your clients
  • Giving your clients insight into, for example, notifications, check lists and status of maintenance
  • Registering errors
  • Handling notifications
  • Integrated with your back office

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