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Production companies are unique. That’s why they need an appropriate ERP system that improves their processes. The software must be powerful enough and must support a variety of business activities. It’s a fine balance that few suppliers strike. Prodin demonstrates how striking this balance can create thriving industrial firms.

Companies in the production & assembly sector benefit from an ERP system that supports mass, series and one-off production. Prodin offers effective and flexible software to handle processes based on customer orders. You also benefit from the Product Configurator and simple creation of composite products.

ERP voor productie- en assemblagebedrijven​

Part of Prodin’s competitive edge lies in its Product Configurator. This functionality provides software support for creating composite products. In addition, Prodin is set up for mass, series and one-off production, with an ERP system featuring both top-down and bottom-up traceability. This allows companies like food producers to put products in quarantine and release them again where possible. Prodin also gives you the right management tools for effective quality controls.


voor Branche Productie


  • Calculating directly from quotation
  • Materials, machining, outsourcing, costs and provisional sums
  • Flexible calculation with cost price, selling prices (including appointments with clients), free prices and surcharges
  • Multilevel costing structure
  • Defining attrition rate, setup times and start-up losses for accurate calculation of price depending on batch size
  • Clear price structure
  • Integration with multi-site cost price calculation and projects
  • Copy from (parts of) calculations, parts lists and as-built history

Recipes/parts lists

  • Multilevel parts list structure with alternatives for, e.g., deviating routing or batch size
  • Materials, machining, outsourcing and costs
  • Defining attrition rate, setup times and start-up losses for accurate cost price calculation depending on batch size
  • Integrated cost price calculation including inventory valuation, if necessary supplemented by multitude of surcharges
  • Integration with multi-site cost price calculation and projects
  • Copy from (parts of) calculations, parts lists and as-built history
  • Import function for creating new and editing existing parts lists

Material – and capacity planning

  • Support large variety to logistic management concepts, e.g.:
    • Kanban
    • Order level falling below (BQ)
    • Main production plan (MPP and MRP)
    • Order-specific anonymous (MRP cluster)
    • Order on order (MRP 100% order-specific)
  • Delivery time calculation quotation and sales order based on availability material and capacity
  • Logistic management adjustable per product and warehouse
  • Comprehensive options to define available capacity
  • Capacity planning against finite or infinite capacity
  • Comprehensive order planning on materials, employees and machinery with planning board

Production orders

  • Suitable for both production in stock (series production) and as (multi level) order-specific (single products/small series)
  • Separate production order recipe with materials, machining, outsourcing and costs
  • Diversity in production documents including the option to print drawings
  • Processing lists for management of production on starting material (for example, a cutting list)
  • Alerting on (potential) bottlenecks in production


  • Outsourcing both inventory management and for order-specific requirements including integration with material planning
  • Comprehensive handling with purchasing orders or simplified with periodic settlement
  • Outsourcing price and delivery time per supplier
  • Separate inventory management for inventory at outsourcers
  • Supply material and receipt of processed product: separate steps with own planning
  • Handling with separate units for processing and processed product

WIP (work in progress) and actual costs

  • Material issuance order-specific, normative (back-flushing) or floor stock handling
  • Hour registration order-specific or normative (back-flushing)
  • Ready report including attrition rate registration, possibly per pallet directly on the line including printing pallet identification
  • Comprehensive WIP reports including WIP per financial period
  • Actual costs possibly with chargeback actual cost price to sales department
  • Comprehensive history including as-built and manufacturing statistics at component level

Specific functionality

  • Configurator
  • Time registration

What else can Prodin do?

More than you’d think.

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