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Prodin ERP software was developed in-house and focuses on commercial, production, assembly and service and maintenance companies. The single best foundation for excellent process and business performance. Stable and standardised – but also flexible. The basic solution features CRM and is expandable with proven functionality for the effective performance of special sector-specific tasks.

The ERP software of Prodin Business Solutions supports businesses in the commercial, production and service sectors. Prodin ERP makes business processes more efficient, boosts performance, adds value and helps business owners serve their customers better.

Sector-specific Prodin ERP

The Prodin ERP software was developed for commercial enterprises, companies in the production and assembly sector, and service and maintenance specialists. This business application brings together typical aspects such as technical expertise, operation based on inventory and customer orders, and personalised service for customers. The application is expandable with various tools, such as the mobile solution for service technicians and the Product Configurator. This functionality works under the plug-and-play principle, within the standard ERP environment.

Business software for SMEs

Prodin is a Dutch ERP provider with decades of experience in the development and implementation of business software for SMEs. Our ERP software is running at companies in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and even the US. The Prodin development team is also located in the Netherlands. Our organisation boasts a mix of talents and highly experienced people with extensive sector knowledge. This combination offers a major leg up to companies looking for suitable business software, but who also want to discuss the specific challenges they face in the language of their own sector.

ERP improvement project

The single biggest objective of a software implementation is to improve administrative and operational processes. If you opt for a Prodin ERP improvement project, you’ll also gain access to the knowledge and experience of our consultants. They’ll be happy to help you optimise your processes. Our professionals visit numerous organisations, or have the required sector experience on their own. They enjoy using this knowledge to help you brainstorm solutions to your issues and challenges.

Service and project management

Prodin ERP gives you peace of mind besides the service and expertise of our professionals. They discuss with you what is and is not possible with the software and implementation type. This is the standard approach, but nothing is written in stone, of course. Collaboration is in our DNA, and as our client, you benefit from our skills and knowledge. Sometimes we even end up taking over business processes. For instance, you may have Prodin run your invoicing process or your annual pricing updates.

Prodin Service Desk

Our Service Desk is ready to give you the attention you deserve. Their knowledge of your processes allows them to accurately and precisely follow up on your reports, keeping you a satisfied customer.


Voor een effectief en efficiënt team

Commercial & financial (basic)

  • Relationship management
  • Tasks, workflow and agenda
  • Quotation management
  • Sales
  • Expedition
  • Purchasing management
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated financial administration
  • Multi-site and multi-company
  • Document management and MS Office integration
  • Custom fields
  • Reporting

Production & assembly

  • Calculations
  • Recipes/parts lists
  • Material – and capacity planning
  • Production orders
  • Outsourcing
  • WIP (work in progress) and actual costs

Service & maintenance

  • Installed base
  • Service contracts
  • Service notifications
  • Repairs & RMA
  • Sales with services
  • Service orders
  • Configurable check lists
  • Technicians and maintenance planning
  • Backoffice

Mobile & chains

  • Customer & Employee Portal
  • Customer Service Portal
  • EDI & chain integration
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Mobile Warehouse
  • Link to webshop

Specific functionality

  • Sales at the counter/POS
  • Configurator
  • Expedition planning
  • Link to conveyers
  • Quality control
  • Supplier catalogue
  • Batch registration, traceability and certificates
  • Projects
  • Hour registration
  • Time registration
  • WMS
  • REST Web Connector

The ERP solution for your sector

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