Stratix ERP software

STRATIX is the ERP system for the metal industry. This modern cloud solution features extensive functionality and is now running in 17 countries. ERP software is the backbone of effective sector-specific processes at metal service centres, steel service centres and steel wholesalers, as well as sheet processors, metal distributors, contract workers and facilities such as tubing factories.

ERP system for the metal sector

Since 2005, Prodin Business Solutions has been the designated partner for STRATIX implementations in the Netherlands, Europe and the US. STRATIX is the pre-eminent metal service software for companies in the metal industry. This business software provides functionality that parties such as metal service centres, steel wholesalers, sheet processors and contract workers can use to boost process efficiency.

Cloud ERP for the metal industry

STRATIX is an ERP system that runs in the cloud. This system supports multi-site operation, and is also suitable for setup and management of multi-step operations at metal service centres. STRATIX is a multilingual business application featuring multi-currency transactions.

Proven project management and implementation

STRATIX ERP software is suitable for medium-sized to large metal service centres and distributors. If this includes your company, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Prodin’s carefully tried-and-tested project management and proven implementation services. The development of a blueprint for your business cases serves as a roadmap for implementation. Prodin also provides you with experienced business consultants who are knowledgeable of sector processes. They will ensure a cost-effective implementation and project approach for you. If you have further needs, such as document updates, CSX developments, reporting or integration services, Prodin will naturally be happy to provide these as well.

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