CSX development

Stratix/Invex ERP

CSX development

CSX (Customer Specified Extensions) enables companies to extend the use of STRATIX/INVEX by developing and implementing their own additional functionality. Prodin has been implementing STRATIX/INVEX and developing add-ons since 2005. With our in-house development team, we can enhance STRATIX/INVEX functionalities to meet your requirements.

Ready to ship quality verification

A customizable enhancement to the standard STRATIX/INVEX Ready to ship verification. We can include any data, including attribute or custom tables, to make sure all your criteria are met before ready material is shipped. Each condition can be configured to be a warning or hard stop.

Arbor Setup

A multi-screen application that links to the STRATIX/INVEX Slitting Job Arbor setup. Process work center specific tables and rules are used to calculate clearance, knife and spacer layout. Validations are performed to avoid mistakes. A custom arbor document can be print along with the STRATIX/INVEX work order document.

Rolling Mill Schedule

An extensive application that enables a tube manufacturer to efficiently generate a Rolling Schedules. STRATIX/INVEX sales orders are allocated against Rolling Schedules and Campaigns are generated to combine similar products. The application is fully integrated with STRATIX/INVEX to generate (Customer) production orders with job sets.

Galvanizing Zinc Test Results

A fully integrated application that lists INVEX jobs that require additional test results to be entered. The application handles all the test recording with validations and releasing the material.