Prodin Business Solutions


Our history

Prodin was founded in 1975. Whereas the company started out focusing on the development and provision of custom business software, it charted a different course back in the 1980s. The year 1980 saw the launch of Prodin-PO, heralding development and sales for serial production companies.

Prodin-P0 transformeerde naar P1, P2 en P3 . De software werd verrijkt met een CRM-module en functionaliteit voor service & onderhoud. Erkenning van concurrentie kwam er in de vorm van de SAP Innovation Award, voor het toepassen van SAP NetWeaver technologie op Prodin-P3. In 2006 werd de samenwerking aangegaan met STRATIX, om dit ERP systeem, dat specifiek is ontwikkeld voor bedrijven in de staalindustrie, te implementeren.

The year 2010 marked a milestone in Prodin’s history, as we returned to operating as an independent private limited liability company under Dutch law (‘BV’). Developments came in quick succession after that, starting with making the ERP system compatible with iPads and tablets. The company completed the first migration from SAP to Prodin, and also won the Success Award for the ERP software sector.

The most recent development is the switch to a new look-and-feel for Prodin screens, including a modern user interface. Prodin introduced a new way of working, with even quicker and easier access to information.